About HexWorld

Features of HexWorld

  • Custom-sized hexagonal grids with custom hexagon radius.
  • Saving maps as prefabs.
  • Saving and loading map data for further editing.
  • Save-Load scenes from editor.
  • Understandable and engaging custom UI for map editing.
  • Customizing UI colors.
  • 3D Low-Poly model pack.
  • Various tile presets that feature our 3D Low-Poly model pack.
  • Ability to use custom tile presets.
  • Option to create a functional in-game camera to easily navigate in builds.
  • Ability to make your own POST PROCESS + LIGHTING presets.
  • Option to fill map with a selected prefab.
  • Various map-styles.
  • Premade lighting and post processing preset.
  • Many features to come…


  • HexWorld currently provides set of features that will help you reduce your map creation times, also we are working on new features to expand capabilities of our editor.

Planned Features

  • Prefab generator – to make process of creating prefabs and tiles on HexWorld more efficient and consistent.
  • Road Building Framework – HexWorld current does not support automatic road building for your scenes, which we believe is one of the most important aspects of map creation.
  • Our road building framework aims to make this process very easy and intuitive.
  • Wall building framework for creating fences-medieval style castles etc.
  • Map painting brushes for easily building bigger maps.
  • Option to create spherical hex based maps.
  • Procedural Map Generator – to kickstart your map creation process, we will provide a customizable and easy to use map generator for various needs.

What Can HexWorld Do?

Create Maps

You can create maps from this section. You can choose these map types: Small, Medium, Large, Larger, Huge, GIGANTIC. Map Size affects how many tiles you can use.
Hex Radius : Affects the size of the tiles.
Color One/Two - Background : You can choose editor colors.
Grid Material : Choose how drawing grid looks.

Tiles & Tools

This is the core of HexWorld.
You can choose what tile you use, and what you do with them!
You can Place, Delete, Select and Rotate tiles on the editor!
We even have unique 3D models for you to use in your projects!

Easy Maps

You can use this section to view the selected prefab! And also fill the whole map, or only the empty space with your selected prefab!

Save & Load

You can save your maps for later editing.
Or you can export the map as a prefab to use it in-game!

Post Process + Lighting Settings

You can customize and add our topdown camera.
You can use our predefined Post Process + Lighting settings by selecting them from the panel!