Rendering Effects of HexWorld

In version 1.2 of HexWorld, we added to ability to add fast light and post-fx settings. It works in standart rendering(unfortunetaly it doesn’t support SRPs) for now. HexWorld Effect has 4 pre-made preset. Hot, Cold, Sunny and Dark. You can check those effects out below.

How to Add?

HexWorld offer minimal and easy-to-use User Interface. To add a HexWorld effect is just a click on a button. Just import Post-Processing Stack v2 from package manager, restart the editor, select the color choice then hit ‘Add Effects'(the one above for the premade effects).

This will create 3 different objects on the scene. [HexWorld_Camera], [HexWorld_Effects] and [HexWorld_Lights]. All set up. Third objects will hold all the lights that was selected before(We recommend you delete your own lights before that).

Screenshot (383)

You Can Create Your Own Effects

With a few step you are able to create your own effects, save them for later use, and add to your scene whenever you want. And it’s easier than you think.

We created a component named ‘HexWorld Effect’. You can right-click on the project and create new HexWorld Effect.

An HexWorld Effect will look like this in Unity3D

You can edit lots of things within HexWorld Effect such as equator, ground and sky colors(It works with gradient sky for now). You can choose Anti-Aliasing type, reflection intensity and best of all custom lights. Add any number of directional lights and edit their properties. HexWorld will add all of them your scene for you.

For the last thing, create and assign a post-processing profile. After that you are all done. Drag your HexWorld Effect to ‘Use Custom’ property at the end of the editor and click on ‘Add Effects’

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