What's new in v1.2?

v1.2 is more of a maintenance update rather than content. We rewrote the entire asset to make sure we can add future updates with ease. Also, we optimized map creation. In the last HexWorld version v1.1, one million hexagon map was somewhat laggy. In v1.2 there is no lag at all(Tested with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M).We still tried to add some new features though.

Model Viewer

First new feature is the model viewer. It let’s you inspect your prefab with one button click from the editor. You can rotate the model the see everything about the prefab.

We thought this would be a lovely little addition to HexWorld. Because sometimes when you have to use the editors in a small screen, prefab previews get too little.

A watch tower view

HexWorld Effects

In v1.1 we promised to add fast post-processing and lightning settings to create beatiful scenes fast. And we kept our promise. It’ simpler now but does the job. You can select ambient colors(sky, equator and ground), directional lights and post-processing volume. And HexWorld does the rest.
Another great thing about this is you can create your own effects, save them and use them later.
HexWorld Effect icon

More info can be found here about custom effects. Keep in mind this is just the first version of HexWorld effects and we will be upgrading this feature.

You can find all of the changes and features in the ‘Version’ folder in HexWorld.

How to Choose Hexagon Radius in HexWorld?

All of our models use the metric system like Unity does. This also makes the mathematical computations easier for us. But if you have different sized models, we provided a simple way to make use of them.

Firstly, you may want to check this nice link to learn about basics: https://hexagoncalculator.apphb.com/

Let’s say your models are smaller than the default, simply create a hexagon and choose a reasonable size for it.

Go to the ‘Hex Radius’ field, and then enter you new radius. This will scale the tiles so that your models will fit perfectly to the map.

How to make your first map?

Our aim is to make simple yet effective UI. With this goal in mind, we tried to make map creation easy. With few clicks, you can start to create your maps.

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