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Giving up on 3D

Attempt of having the gameworld be a manipulatible mesh

After much work, I have decided to give up on 3D for the time being. The iteration process is much slower with 3D. Something that I expected would happen, but not to this extent.

I have therefore decided to work on the 2D version of the game, and when that version is at a playable level, I can work on a 3D version. I'm thinking of something more akin to a sequel.

- BirchDev


Screenshot of work-in-progress 3D

I'm currently working on rewriting the whole game to be in 3D. It's probably a good idea to do it sooner rather than later.

Yes. I know the shadows are scuffed.

I will merge it to devel once it's up to parity with the current devel.

- BirchDev